The pastors at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church have created a list of recommended books. You can purchase them at your local book store or order them online through This list will be updated periodically. To see all of the books, use the “Filter & Sort” function and select “Purchased and Unpurchased.” Here are the recommended books for September and October 2018.

I am a Church Member
By: Thom Rainer
Discovering the attitude that makes the difference.

I am a church member bu thom rainer.


Church Membership 
By: Jonathan Leeman
How the world knows who represents Jesus.


Walking with God through Pain and Suffering
By: Timothy Keller
The question of why God would allow pain and suffering in the world has vexed believers and nonbelievers for millennia.

Walking with God by Timothy Keller.


The Knowledge of the Holy
By: A.W. Tozer
The attributes of God and their meaning in the Christian life.

The Knowledge of the Holy By: A. W. Tozer


The Message of 1 Peter
By: Edmund P. Clowney
Peter shows us what the story of Jesus’ life means for us as we take up our cross and follow him.