The pastors at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church have created a list of recommended books. You can purchase them at your local book store or order them online through This list will be updated periodically. Here are the recommended books for July-August 2017.

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering
By: Timothy Keller
Why would God allow pain and suffering? 

Walking with God by Timothy Keller.


Eat This Book
By: Eugene H. Peterson
A conversation in the art of spiritual reading. 

Eat this book by Eugene H. Peterson.


By: Skye Jethani
Reimagining the way you relate to God. 

With by Skye Jethani.


George Whitefield
By: Arnold A. Dallimore
God’s anointed servant in the great revival of the eighteenth century. 

George Whitefield by Arnold A. Dallimore.


Out of the Salt Shaker & Into the World
By: Rebecca Manley Pippert
Evangelism as a way of life. 

Out of the salt shaker and into the world by: Rebecca Manley Pippert.


You Are What You Love
By: James K. A. Smith
The spiritual power of habit.
You are what you love by: James K. A. Smith.